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Who are the Franciscan Brothers?
The Franciscan Brothers of Saint Joseph the Worker are men of faith who strive to embrace the Gospel of Jesus,living Christ-centered lives. Following in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi means to heal, embrace, and include all those forgotten, excluded, broken, damages, and ignored by society, Embracing the Rule of Saint Francis means rebuilding crumbling churches, washing and embracing lepers, feeding and clothing the poor, suffering and reassuring those in despair. Franciscans take the Gospel out of the safety of the Churches, and bring it to the people in the streets, preaching penance and love of neighbor by example.

The Franciscan Brothers continue to seek out and find the new lepers of our world, striving to bind their wounds, clean their sores, cradling their despair. Believing that all men and women are "created" by God, and thus are holy, sanctified, and redeemed by His Love, "pleasing in His sight." Franciscans work toward including all at the table of the Lord, regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual persuasion. In abandoning ourselves into the loving arms of our Crucified Lord, Franciscans cannot but live their lives in quiet, all-consuming joy!

Officially known as the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Joseph the Worker, the Franciscan Brothers today are an independent ecumenical community of celibate men who embrace the three traditional evangelical counsels. We work in the secular world in order to support ourselves, to offer financial relief to the poor around us, and most importantly, to make Christ present by our simple joyous presence in the workplace. We live in small communities, living among the people we strive to serve. We seek to "do good and disappear," "preaching the Gospel always, Using WORDS only as needed."

We strive to be, humble, joyous reconcilers, passionate preachers: men of faith, sustained by the Holy Eucharist, loyal to the Universal Catholic Church, praising God in all creation, busy, but centered, focused on the Cross.